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On 15th April,2015.Omay EECP engineer and developer Dr.zhou was appointed as the 1st committee members of Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering(CSBME) ECP Branch for a period of three years.


Below is letter of appointment:

enhanced external counterpulsation treatment


Omay EECP machine designed by our engineer Dr.Zhou in 2008,who is a cardiologist with more than 20 years experience in EECP, student of Pro.Zheng zhen sheng(The father of EECP in the world).In 1995s, Dr.Zhou joined in the development of EECP MC-3 and exported to Vasomedical named it TS-3.In 2004,Dr.zhou designed PSK-health for PSK.In 2008,Dr.zhou setted up his own company Omay Medical.Meanwhile,he also worked as a director of EECP hospital with more than 200 beds in JieYang city,Guangdong province.


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