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Omay(Guangzhou) Med Technologies Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of EECP machine with stable quality and excellent after-sales service.All Omay EECP machines are CE,SFDA and ISO13485 approved.

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Omay(Guangzhou) Med Technologies Co., Ltd is specialized in the development, production and distribution of high technology medical devices, with a special focus on Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP), which is a kind of noninvasive heart disease cure equipment, a physical therapy equipment. The company's own research and development team pays much attention to the progress of modern medicine, biomedical engineering, gas dynamics, computer technology, embedded technology, modern control technology, modern industrial design etc. Strive to implement the EECP that guarantee maximum comfort and safety to the patient as well as a great ease use for the operator. Because of advantages in technology, price and after-sales service, our products are enjoying high reputation in European countries, America, Middle East, Southeastern Asia, and so on. Based on the principle "pursuing excellence, people-oriented", the domestic team of our company is striving for promoting the development of domestic medical technology and making new contributions for human health.

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    EECP center in Malaysia

    Great news,everybody can have a 30minutes free trial use of the EECP treatment as we as other rehabilitation programme in Happy Heart Solutions Sdn.Bhd,a professional heart rehabilitation center located at Tropicana Avenue,Petaling Jaya.Now please take up your phone and call them 012-726 9205 for free trial. Center photos: Company Details: The purpose of the foundation of Happy Heart Solutions Sdn. Bhd. started by a group of health conscious shareholders is to provide an integrated cardiovascular rehabilitation programme to improve the quality of life. This centre is equipped with external counterpulsation (ECP) equipment, together with other nutraceutical products to improve cardiovascular related and general health condition. The benefit that can be gained from this rehabilitation programme for people with coronary artery disease is an improvement in cardiac efficiency by increasing coronary blood flow and decreasing cardiac workload. The enhancement of vascular endothelial function and a decrease in of vascular inflammatory factors lead to the improvement of blood vessel tension strength and the reduction of plaque formation as well as artery endothelial damage which will result in a reduction of blood pressure in the long term. Individuals who will benefit from this rehabilitation programme are those who suffer from angina (chest pain, atypical pain, shortness of breath, fatigue and cough), cerebral atherosclerosis and thrombosis, myocardial ischemia, transient ischemic attack, silent ischemia burden, after coronary artery bypass surgery, heart failure, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, insomnia (sleep disorder) and Parkinson syndrome due to blood deficiency. Overall the programme improves stamina to individual who are lacking of physical exercise. The centre is located at Tropicana Avenue, Petaling Jaya and the opening hours are on the Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Please talk to us for more information on the benefits of this cardiovascular rehabilitation programme. For reservation, please call 012-726 9205 for a free 30 minutes trial use of the cardiovascular rehabilitation programme.

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    Omay Medical and its rehabilitation equipment

    Omay Medical is a manufacturer specialized in EECP production as well as other physical rehabilitation device such as hand rehabilitation device for stroke patients,Deep muscle stimulator.Following please find more details: EECP machine is a physical therapy machine for heart failure.No side effect,no recovery time.creat small blood vessels around the blocked arteries so as to relieve or eliminate angina.   Hand rehabilitation device is used for the patients whose fingers can't grip or stretch.Patients wear a special glove,inflated and deflated by specific adjustable air pressure.Fingers and wrist will be driven to do draft training,effectively reduce muscle spasm.Improve function of fingers and wrist.   Deep muscle stimulator is a pain relieve machine.Through rapidly vibration act on the deep muscle,effectively relieve tissue adhesion,spasm and pain at the same time promote the recovery of muscle fiber.

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