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2017-12-07 13:38:26

Omay Medical is a manufacturer specialized in EECP production as well as other physical rehabilitation device such as hand rehabilitation device for stroke patients,Deep muscle stimulator.Following please find more details:

EECP machine is a physical therapy machine for heart failure.No side effect,no recovery time.creat small blood vessels around the blocked arteries so as to relieve or eliminate angina.

EECP machine


Hand rehabilitation device is used for the patients whose fingers can't grip or stretch.Patients wear a special glove,inflated and deflated by specific adjustable air pressure.Fingers and wrist will be driven to do draft training,effectively reduce muscle spasm.Improve function of fingers and wrist.

hand rehabilitation device


Deep muscle stimulator is a pain relieve machine.Through rapidly vibration act on the deep muscle,effectively relieve tissue adhesion,spasm and pain at the same time promote the recovery of muscle fiber.

Deep Muscle Stimulator

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