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  • Benefits Of EECP Therapy

    • 2016-07-28 10:15:31

    How much more do you know about the benefits of EECP therapy? I will tell you more specification.

    Benefits Of EECP Therapy

    -Improved quality of life and exercise capacity.

    -Increase Energy & Exercise tolerance.

    -Reduce or eliminate symptoms of chest pain.

    -Reduce symptoms of Shortness of Breath.

    -Sustained declines chest discomfort and the use of nitrate.

    -Improve myocardial perfusion (circulation to the heart).

    -Improvement in oxygen consumption (VO2).

    -Increase the development and recruitment of collateral vessels in the heart.

    -Improves coronary artery dilatation.

    -Reduce symptoms of Fatigue.

    -Reduce heart palpitation.

    -Reduce leg pains from peripheral vascular disease.

    -Strengthens the heart muscle by reviving parts of the heart that have hibernated from lack of bloodflow.

    -Increase in perfusion creates natural bypasses around narrowed arteries in heart as well as other organs such as the lungs, Kidneys, liver & the brain.

    -Sustainable relief of symptoms related to Ishemic Heart disease.

    -Sustainable Increase in Coronary Perfusion.

    -Improvement in sexual function for men.

    -Reduce symptoms of Parkinsons Disease.

    -Reduce symptoms of Dementia (Alzheimers Disease).

    -Reduces blood pressure.

    -Decrease workload of the heart.

    -Retrograde Arterial Flow (Shear Stress) increases endothelial function.

    -Peripheral (lower limb) effects similar to exercise training.

    -Cardiac Remodeling (stunned & hibernated myocardium).

    -Promotion of collateralization.

    -Regression of atherosclerosis.

    -Improvement in ventricular function.

    -Increase in Cardiac Output.

    -Decrease in Cardiac Workload.

    -Release in growth factors.

    -Reduction in Angina & Heart Failure symptoms & Classifications.

    -Decrease Medication (including Nitroglycerin & Ranexa).

    -Long-term improvement in heart function.


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