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2016-07-29 17:12:23

1.Wrap cuffs:

1)Let patient/people lie on treatment bed

2)Wrap the cuffs around calves,lower thighs and upper thighs which with more muscle

3)Attach the electrodes to skin like following picture shows:

 Omay EECP machine

4)Place the finger sensor to a middle finger


2.Turn on machine:

1)Turn on power switch at the back side of machine

2)When touch screen into main interface,clicktreatment to receiving EECP treatment.

 EECP machine from China factory



1)Check the heart waves,blood oxygen waves and dates display on screen correctly.

2)Select the pressure

3)Clickstandby: treatment prepare to start

4)Clickstart and select the treatment time and confirmed: treatment begin

5)Adjust the pressure,the time of Inflation and deflation based on individuals condition.

EECP manufacturer from China

4.Finished Treatment:

1)The cuffs will stop working when treatment is finished

2)Take out ECG Cable and SPO2 cable from patient

3)Take off cuffs


5.Turn off machine

1)ClickExit will back to the main interface

2)ClickExit will turn off the screen

3)Turn off the power switch at the back side of machine.

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