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Portable ECP machine for heart diseases

Portable ECP machine for heart diseases

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Product Item:Portable ECP machine for heart diseases

Home use EECP machine

EECP bed

How it works:

While EECP is performed,you will be lying on a bed wearing a series of pressure cuffs around calved,lower thighs and upper thighs.The EECP system includes a pressure source that inflates and deflates these cuffs, the pressure moves the blood from your lower limbs toward the heart.Each wave of pressure is timed with your heartbeat via ECG signal.So that the increased blood flow is delivered to your heart at the precise moment when heart relaxing.When the heart pumps again,the pressure in cuffs is withdrawn immediately.This lowers resistance in your legs so that blood pumped more easily from the heart.

Benefits of EECP machine:

EECP machine

Typical benefits for the heart diseases patients(coronay artery diseases,stroke,heart failure):
1.Decrease in chest pain
2.Reduction in the use of medication
3.Ability to enjoy a more independently mobile and active lifestyle
4.Better blood circulation

Omay ECP advantages:

Omay EECP machine designed by our engineer Dr.Zhou in 2008,who is a cardiologist with more than 20 years experience in EECP,the only student of Dr.Zheng zhen sheng(The father of EECP in the world).In 1995s, Dr.Zhou joined in the development of EECP MC-3 and exported to Vasomedical who named it TS-3.In 2008,Dr.zhou setted up his own company Omay Medical.Meanwhile,he also worked as a director of ECP hospital with more than 200 beds in JieYang city,Guangdong province.Omay ECP machine improved a lot based on his rich clinical datas and EECP practice.Followings please find our advantages: 

a.Compressor adopted is Gardner Denver imported from Germany,stable and durable.with a lifetime more than 50,000hours.

b.AirTac valves we are using which is a famous brand and quick reponse,low temperature and low noise when working,lifetime more than 25,000hours. 

c.Monitor is industrial computer which can work normally in bad industrial environment,durable and stable.

d.Copper fastener instead of screw thread connector which is good for installation and not easily to abrade.

e.Steel wire reinforced tube which can minimize the losses of pressure and with longer lifetime.While corrugated tube that other ECP company using will expend when pressure go through them,it have pressure losses and easily to wear off. 

f.Handheld emergency button for the convenience of patients touching and stopping the machine when an emergency. 

g.Omay ECP machine with remote diagnosis function,Any software problems can be diagnosed and solved in our office.


Omay ECP Features: 

1.The most important hardware accessories like compressor and valves are imported from Germany and Taiwan famous company.Compressor with a liftspan more than 10years. 

2.Omay EECP with remote dignosis function,which enable us to diagnose and solve any software problems in our factory 

3.The deflation and inflation time can be adjustable based on different patients. 

4.With customer managerment system,can save and print out each patients data. 

5. With"demostrate function",will automatically check whether all systems are properly working before doing treatment for patients. 

6.Real-time ECG and SpO2 monitor function during treatment,showing the D/S ratio,intuitive observation of treatment effect. 

7.It adopts scientific designed system to reduce noise and heat. 

8.High efficiency cuffs for energy-saving:low pressure can generate high treatment effect 

9.Stable and durable industrial personal computer adopted 

10.Stable software system:Embedded software system,virus can’t attack. 

11.The angle of the backrest can be adjusted on the basis of patient's physiological situation. 

12.Omay ECP: got CE,ISO13485 and SFDA 


Omay ECP machine Technical Parameter: 

1.The ECG Amplifier has 20Hz Band Width, > 2MΩ input impendence and > 80db CMRR. 

2.The system triggers the R-Wave of Pt. ECG externally with a ratio of 1:1 / 1:2 and 35 to 125 bpm. 

3.Oxygen saturation range from 0 to 100% with a standard deviation of 3 digits using Finger Clip Senor. 

4.Low-pass digital filter eliminates 50/60Hz and high-frequency. 

5.Single key operation for controlling the pressure from 5 to 350 mmHg.Omay ECP can be used for adult as well as kids 

6.Three different sizes of Cuffs for Calves, lower and upper thighs. 

7.The Timer is provided for setting the treatment session and the device stops automatically on the expiry of the “set” time. 

8.The circuit breakers will actuate for the system protection and an Emergency Stop Button is also provided for patient safety.Three circuit breakers-Mains,compressor and an emergency stop. 

9.In case of any of the following reasons, the inflation will stop and the pressure gets released: 

i) An early systole. 

ii) Power Supply failure. 

iii) The pressure crosses 350 mmHg. 

iv) Heart Rate goes out of range <35 bpm or >125 bpm. 

v) Emergency Stop is operated by the patient. 


11.Power Requirement:- 220 v ac ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 1350 W. 

12.Environmental Conditions:- Free from corrosive gases. 

Temperature : -10° C to 40° C. 

Relative Humidity : <80% without condensation. 

Atmospheric Pressure: 700 to 1060 hPa. 

13.Transportation and Storage Conditions:- Corrosive gases free Atmosphere. 

Temperature : -10° to 60° C. 

Relative Humidity : <85% without condensation. 

Atmospheric Pressure: 500 to 1060 hPa.


ECP Precautions:
· Patients with blood pressure higher than 180/110mmHg should be controlled prior to treatment with EECP.
· Patients with a heart rate more than 110 bpm should be controlled prior to treatmen with EECP.
· Patients at high risk of complications from increased venous return should be carefully chosen and monitored during treatment with EECP.Decreasing cardiac afterload by optimizing diastolic augmentation may help minimize increased cardiac filling pressures due to venous return.
· Patients with clinically significant valvular disease should be carefully chosen and monitored during treatment with EECP.
Certain valve conditions, such as significant aortic insufficiency, or severe mitral or aortic stenosis, may prevent the patient from obtaining benefit from diastolic augmentation and reduced cardiac afterload in the presence of increased venous return.


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