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FAQ of EECP treatment

Q:Does EECP treatment is mainly used in the treatment of cardiac and cerebral arterial ischemic diseases?

A:Yes,EECP just like an external heart,pushing the arterial blood to the ischemic area of cardiac and cerebral arteries,therefore relieve the symptoms of cerebral ischemia.

Q:Does EECP treatment is mainly used in the treatment of senile disease?

A:Mainly for the elderly patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.But middle-aged and even young people are now too early to suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.So EECP treatment is not only for elderly patients,more and more middle-aged even youth has becoming EECP candidates.

Q:Does EECP treatment have the function of disease-prevention?

A:For the sub-health groups,due to long-term no movement,big stress,poor sleep,obesity,excessive alcohol and tobacco,EECP treatments improve body microcirculation and promote metabolism.Receiving 1hours of treatment equivalent to run 1 hours.So EECP treatment enjoys a laudatory title “sleeping exercise”.EECP treatment has healthcare and rehabilitation function for sub-health and other non-morbidity status.

Q:Can EECP therapy totally replace medication?

A:EECP therapy and medication can work together.It will reduce the use of medication.meanwhile reduce drug damages to human body.

For slight illness,EECP treatment can replace medication and observe a few days.

For serious illness,EECP treatment can’t totally replace medication.Patients can taking small doses of drugs and receiving EECP treatment.

Q:EECP therapy and bypass surgery can work together?

A:Yes,After bypass surgery,EECP treatment will reduce the postoperative complications.

Q:What is the role of EECP therapy on ischemic stroke hemiplegia?

A:Followings please find details:

1)Promote brain blood circulation and collateral circulation,improving blood supply of the brain.

2)Prevent recurrence of ischemic stroke

3)Improve hemiplegic limb movement and sensory ability

4)Improve language ability,cognitive ability,swallowing ability,hearing and vision.

Q:Which diseases and symptoms does EECP have unique therapeutic effect on?

1)Cervical Spondylosis with Vertigo

2)Sudden hearing loss

3)Three high groups(High blood pressure,high blood fats and high blood sugar)

4)Intractable insomnia

5)Male sexual dysfunction

6)Mental and physical fatigue elimination

Q:Now,more and more people with Alzheimer’s diseases.Does EECP treatment have treatment effect on it?

A:Yes,EECP has therapeutic effect on senile dementia(Alzheimer’s diseases) caused by vascular circulation disorders.

Q:Which departments or medical institutions does EECP machine mainly used in?

A;Department of cardiology,Neurology,Geriatrics department,rehabilitation department

Medical institutions:Geriatric hospital(Hospital for elderly),Rehabilitation hospital,Male special hospital

Q:How long does EECP treatment take?

A:One course of EECP treatment lasts 35hours.One hour per day,5 days per week for 7 weeks.

Q:How to observe the effect of EECP treatment?

A:Whole-body efficacy:

EECP treatment improves the whole body microcirculation when lying on the bed.So EECP treatment enjoys a laudatory title of “sleeping exercise”.After 4-6 of EECP session,you will feel quite refreshed, relaxed, sleep improvement, appetite increased, bowels open, brisk pace,fatigue elimination and other systemic efficacy gradually revealed.

Local efficacy:

1)Cervical vertigo:

After 5-10 EECP session,symptom will be relieved significantly.After one course of EECP treatment,Symptom of vertigo will be eliminated.EECP treatment combined with oxygen therapy,the effect will be better.

2)Cerebral ischemic disease(Cerebral infarction,etc)

Hemiplegia limb circulation improved and muscle tension decreased after taking 6-8 EECP session.After 12-16 session,above symptoms are significantly relieved.Hemiplegia limb movement ability, feeling ability and muscle atrophy symptoms are improved after one course of EECP treatment.

Insist on receiving two course of EECP treatment each year(one course per half year) will reduce the recurrence of cerebral infarction,decrease hospitalization and drugs.Hemiplegia limb movement and sensory capabilities continuously improve.At the same time reduce the cognitive disorder and other senile dementia symptoms happen.Gradually improve patient’s self-care ability.

3)Ischemic heart diseases(Coronary heart disease,myocardial infarction)

The symptoms of angina chest tightness improved after 6-8 session.After 12-16 session,above symptoms improved a lot.The angina,chest pain symptoms will be eliminated after one course of EECP treatment.Each year taking 1-2 course of EECP treatment,patient’s myocardial ischemia symptom continuously improve.Decrease medication and hospitalization.The most important is to reduce the probability of sudden severe heart diseases.Patient’s exercise capacity and quality life significantly improved,improve cardiac function.Patients can participate in outdoor sports and travel activities.

4)For Metabolic disorders patients(“three high” and obesity)

Need one course of EECP treatment.EECP treatment will decrease the medication.The most important is long-term EECP treatment will minimize the damages to heart,brain and kidney caused by high blood pressure and high blood sugar.Reduce the symptoms of cerebral infarction,myocardial infarction and renal uremia happen.Long-term treatment will help to reduce blood lipid,loss weight and reduce waist circumference.

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